The Story of Onix

Onix is mother to a 6-year-old daughter and works full-time as a housekeeper in Pebble Beach, CA – a job she has held for over 10 years – a job that offers a meager income and no health insurance. Onix is one of our nation’s many uninsured “working poor” who do not qualify for financial assistance and do not earn enough to pay for private insurance. When Onix’s daughter was born at NMC by C-section, her doctor found moderate size fibroid tumors in her uterus which needed to be surgically removed. Onix, like other uninsured patients, had to pay a $3,000 down payment toward the elective surgery cost before it could be performed. Sadly, Onix – like many uninsured patients – was added to her doctor’s “Disappearing Patients” list.



Onix’s “Disappearance”

After four years of living with pain, bleeding and the fear of not being able to care for her daughter or dying, Onix returned to her doctor with a mass of tumors that made her look 9 months pregnant. Still without insurance and unable to qualify for assistance, it took Onix another 6 months to earn and borrow the $3,000 she needed for her down payment.

Our "Working Poor"

There are people all around us - those who work in the fields, at local hotels, shops, restaurants, and those we


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